Fire Sprinkler Installation

ceiling fire sprinkler

At Illinois Fire Inspections Inc. we are proud of the reputation we’ve earned for being one of the most reliable and trustworthy fire sprinkler installation experts in Illinois. Our highly qualified team of certified and licensed fire prevention experts take immense pride in our work. Call us today to schedule an appointment for a fire sprinkler installation.

What Can Happen Without a Fire Sprinkler System?

  • Flames can grow and spread
  • Heat and toxic gases can spread from room to room
  • In as little as three minutes the fire can become deadly
  • Flashover occurs and gases and combustible materials will burst into flames

How Fire Sprinklers Can Help Your Business

Because of the speed and ferocity of a flames spreading, there are very few things in life as scary as the prospect of a fire breaking out in your business. Our fire sprinkler system can:

  • Reduce fire activity immediately
  • Contain or extinguish a fire
  • Give people time to escape safely
  • Help protect against fire, heat and smoke damage