Fire Alarm Installations Rockford

There are many precautions a family or business must take in order to keep themselves safe. One such precaution is a fire alarm. Though a small and often overlooked component of a home, a fire alarm is your 24 hour, 7 days a week fire protection service. To make sure your property’s fire alarm system is properly installed, contact Illinois Fire Inspections Inc today. We’re the fire protection & sprinkler monitoring specialists you can count on.

Fire Alarm Installation Services In Rockford

Though no larger than an overhead light fixture, fire and smoke alarms are an integral component of home security. A smoke alarm alerts you when something is wrong and gives you peace of mind when everything is fine. You can rest easy knowing that if it is not emitting its high-pitched signal you are safe and sound.

Like any other security and safety measure, for it to work properly it needs to be installed correctly. Otherwise, that fire alarm is nothing more than decoration!

And that’s where Illinois Fire Inspections Inc comes in. Licensed to service both sprinklers and fire alarms, our fire prevention specialists rank among the best in the industry. We are the first company that the community’s leading industry’s and facilities contact when they need their fire detectors serviced and installed.

Are you not sure what type of fire protection system is needed for your premises? No worries! Contact us for a no-obligation consultation. We’ll help you find the appropriate fire alarm system.

Rockford Fire Alarm Installations

Not only do we install fire alarms, but we also perform thorough inspections and tests on your newly-installed fire alarm and your existing fire protection systems.

The importance of testing your alarms and detectors cannot be overstated. Fire alarms and sprinklers are rarely put to the test, which means they’re dormant for extended periods time. Despite the fact that they’re going unused, many problems can arise over the course of several months or years. Their batteries can fall out of place, their components can corrode, and so on. Having Illinois Fire Inspections Inc test your systems will ensure they’re in perfect working order before we leave your premises!

Homeowners rarely think of fire alarms until they need them. Our job, however, is to never stop thinking about them.

Fire Alarm Monitoring System Installation

One of our most requested services is the installing of fire alarm monitoring systems.

What’s the difference between a fire alarm and a fire alarm monitor? While a fire alarm might alert everyone in a home or building of a fire, a fire alarm monitor goes one step further and immediately notifies your local fire department.

We think every building should have a professionally-installed monitoring system. When homeowners hear about them, they think so too. There’s no such thing as being overly cautious when it comes to residential fire protection.

Smoke Alarm Installations In Rockford

Are you looking to replace your home’s defective smoke alarm system? Call (847) 826-4448 to request our services.