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When you contact Illinois Fire Inspections Inc for your fire alarm inspection needs, you can rest assured that you will not only receive a comprehensive and professional fire alarm inspection and monitoring service, you will also be treated to a friendly, responsive and humble standard of customer care that is second to none. Add in our competitive prices (our prices have been the same for five years) and flexible payment plans and it is clear to see why we have been one of the most sought-after fire alarm inspection specialists in Schaumburg in recent years.

Our commitment to fire inspection excellence is second to none and we will always do our utmost to make sure that your fire alarm is installed properly and, from there, inspected and monitored correctly in the subsequent months and years. At Illinois Fire Inspections Inc, we are very aware of the devastating impact that fires can have on homes and businesses across Schaumburg, and that is why we will never take any shortcuts in the pursuit of fire monitoring and protection for your home or commercial space.

Three Types of Fire Alarm Visual Inspections

The simple fact of the matter is that being a responsible home or business owner requires you to have your property’s fire alarm inspected regularly. At Illinois Fire Inspections Inc, our comprehensive fire alarm inspection service controls everything from control panels, fuses, LEDs, heat and smoke detectors and visual and audible alarm signals. And, while it is true that there are slight variations on a municipal level, almost all properties require visual inspections. These visual inspections can be broken into three distinct groups:

  1. Weekly Visual Inspection: This involves the monitoring of control panels and equipment, such as power supplies, fuses, LEDs and trouble signals.
  2. Monthly or Semiannual Visual Inspections: Batteries need to be visually inspected for corrosion on a monthly or semi-monthly basis, while initiating devices such as heat and smoke detectors need to be checked every six months.
  3. Annual Visual Inspection: Finally, every year all components and equipment should be visually inspected to ensure no detrimental changes take place.

How Fire Alarm Monitoring Works

What many homeowners in Schaumburg don’t know is that a fire alarm panel controls all of the activities that occur within a building. These devices which are located throughout building control devices such as sprinklers, heat detectors, pull stations and, maybe most importantly, fire alarms and smoke detectors.

If you think of it like this, fire alarms are designed to make sure that the occupants in a building are alerted that a fire or smoke outbreak has occurred, and they are great at fulfilling this task. However, as good as a fire alarm is, if someone doesn’t call 9-1-1, then the local Schaumburg fire department has no idea that a fire has taken place. That is where a fire monitoring panel comes in.

Once the fire monitoring panel detects that the fire alarm panel has activated the device, it immediately sends a signal to a Signal Receiving Centre (SRC). From there, an operator will make a call to the appropriate fire department.

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